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a member of the Algonquian people formerly of the Pamlico river valley in North Carolina

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the Algonquian language of the Pamlico

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No signal of IBD was detected within the Pamlico Sound or among southern NC populations when the groups were analyzed separately (r = -0.0140, P = 0.537 and r = -0.0409, P = 0.548, respectively; Fig.
NCVMA will award $5,000 to Pamlico Animal Welfare Society in 2014, and the organization will have the opportunity to receive another $5,000 grant in 2015 by a reapplication process.
These regions were the following: 1) eastern Pamlico Sound and the adjacent coastal waters (EPS; the outer banks from the Virginia state line to Cape Lookout), 2) western Pamlico Sound (WPS; waters near mainland areas of northern North Carolina), 3) Neuse and Pamlico rivers (NPR), and 4) waters of southern North Carolina (SNC; Cape Lookout southward, including estuaries and coastal waters).
As sediment- and nutrient-rich flood-waters spilled from the North Carolina piedmont in the wake of the hurricanes, they radically altered the environment in Pamlico Sound, Paerl notes.
"The Pamlico Sound is the single most important fisheries nursery for the U.S.
TRG Screen, an enterprise subscription management solutions provider, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to receive an investment from affiliates of Pamlico Capital, the company said.
The 2013 Summit draws youth and adults from throughout North Carolina, including Forsyth, Guilford, Wilkes, Mecklenburg, Jackson, Cleveland, Pitt, New Hanover, Onslow, Northampton, Wake, Murphy, Robeson, and Pamlico Counties.
A total of 2,596 oysters were collected using scuba from six reserves in Pamlico Sound, NC, during 2006 to 2008 and processed in the laboratory for fecundity.
There are three varieties of scoters--the American black scoter, white-winged scoter and surf scoter--found on the Atlantic Flyway wintering grounds that run down the East Coast from Maine through Chesapeake Bay, Pamlico Sound in North Carolina and ending at the Georgia-Florida border.
The report given to the state Board of Community Colleges said closing the colleges in Pamlico. Montgomery and Chowan counties would result in less support from county governments.
Juvenile spot and Atlantic croaker were collected from 10 creeks in the Cape Fear River estuary and from 18 creeks in the Pamlico Sound system, North Carolina, during the 1987 recruitment season (mid-March-mid-June).
William Blair and company served as financial advisor to symplr, Pamlico Capital and The CapStreet Group.
California, US-based private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group, L.P., a California-based private equity firm focused on software, technology, industrials and energy, has agreed to acquire Texas-based symplr, a healthcare governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, from Pamlico Capital and The CapStreet Group, the company said.