Pamir Mountains

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My favourite countries were definitely Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, being in the unforgiving environment of the Pamir mountains was a pretty special time.
Mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Pamir Mountains are especially sensitive to climate change, according to Ryan Bartlett, a climate expert for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
In the east and north-east are the Tyan-Shan and Pamir mountains, with the highest point at 4,643 metres above the sea level.
Above, a photo Brendon Khan took of the Pamir Mountains, using infra-red film.
• Trekking from the Little to the Big Pamir mountains at altitudes of 4,000m-plus
Construction of the previous Okno (meaning 'window' in Russian) station, one of the key elements of Russian space intelligence, commenced in 1980 in the clear sky zone in the Pamir Mountains near the Afghan border at a height of 2,200 meters above sea level.
The Russian military is conducting drills with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in Central Asian Tajikistan's Pamir Mountains amid a surge in Taliban activity on the Tajik-Afghan border, the Eastern Military District's press service said Monday.
Glaciers in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan are generally retreating while further south, behaviour of the Karakoram glaciers is mixed, but lacking wholesale, rapid disintegration of glacier tongues and rampant lake growth.
But who are these other guys?" Shadowed by the more than 7,000-metre-high peaks of the Pamir Mountains, Persian-speaking Tajikistan boasts a crucial strategic position, bordering China and Afghanistan, as well as ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
In 1964, he was sent by the government to mark out the international border with China in the Pamir mountains. The onerous task took two years to complete.
It is strongly believed by the government that social media networking was behind the failed uprising attempt that took place in May 2012, in the autonomous region of the Tajikistan-Badakhshan province, which is also a core tourist attraction and the gateway to the Pamir Mountains. Following the uprising, all communications infrastructure, including cell phones, were banned in the Badakhshan valley.
The primitive man here displayed his exceptional physical capabilities to dig a water channel across the hard rock faces of the HKKH and Pamir mountains with the old tools and the implements to divert the water from the nearest glaciers for his livelihood.
As Putin envisions it, the EEU will eventually stretch from the eastern fringes of Central Europe to the Pacific and south to the Pamir Mountains abutting Afghanistan.
The Pamir Mountains are the strongest product of this country, but the visa and entry permit system is one of the major impediments for the development of tourism towards the Pamir Mountains.