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relating to the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot


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On the other hand, Mo Sukey (Chapter Two), Gupha Rinpoche (Chapter Three), and Gelongma Palmo (Chapter Four) were all revered as spiritually developed individuals, but were also marginalized figures that practiced mantra recitation in retreat settings.
Writing in his blog, Whispers in the Loggia, Palmo said Tagle's Facebook page had been liked by more than 100,000 followers while American prelates like the cardinals of Philadelphia and even New York "both remained to break 20,000.
Extra oral examination revealed abnormality of the skin in the form of keratoderma on the palmo plantar aspects of hands and feet (Fig 3), keratosis of the dorsal surface of hands and feet (Fig 4) and erythematous psorisiform keratotic lesions on the extensor surfaces of both elbows and knees (Fig 5), both of which appeared first when he was 2 years old; nail abnormalities in the form of onychogryphosis (curved nails) (Fig 6) and transverse grooves (Fig 7); finger abnormalities in the form of arachnodactyly (elongated fingers/ spider fingers).
I thank God for saving my child," said a teary eyed Dichen Palmo.
En un mercado local disputado palmo a palmo entre Coca-Cola, Pepsi y Big Cola, para nadie era un secreto que la recesion iba a afectar la manera en que el producto era distribuido en Mexico.
Asimismo, las grandes multinacionales del deporte como Nike, Adidas, Reebok o Puma afrontan un 'combate' palmo a palmo en distintos mercados regionales, partiendo de la principal vitrina sudafricana, en busca del triunfo de una seleccion de su auspicio.
Brilliant Moon provides the autobiography of Dilgo Khyentse, adds memories from family, friends and students, and is translated by Ani Jinba Palmo as it uses anecdotes and stories to tell of the live of the Buddhist meditation master and scholar.
La determinacion de la palidez palmo plantar se hizo entre las 8:00 a.
Instead it is written by Rocco Palmo, a recent University of Pennsylvania political science graduate who says he's a disciple of both Jesus and Howard Stern.
In March 2008, the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa enthroned a London-born Buddhist nun Tenzin Palmo, recognising her as Jetsunma or "Her venerable holiness" for her spiritual achievements.
No lo hace hasta que se enfrenta a un juicio y comienza a recorrer los pasajes de su vida, palmo a palmo, hasta concluir que si es culpable.
But these are not good times for Mahony, said Philadelphia-based blogger and author Rocco Palmo, who writes for The Tablet, the international Catholic weekly published in London.
Rocco Palmo, "Liberal archbishop installed in San Francisco," Tablet (UK), February 18, 2006.
Palmo is a licensed professional counselor and licensed psychologist.
No tiene mas memoria ni mas resolucion que muchos Palmo Handspring, pero si es mas atractiva.