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His team also leads community relations for Duke Energy across the Palmetto State. As the state president, Callahan will manage continued efforts to engage and work with customers and stakeholders across many topics, including the growth of renewables, the advancement of electrification efforts, strategic philanthropic initiatives and grassroots engagement with customers big and small.
On Thursday, industry sources told Taiwanese publication ( Digitimes that Samsung is already setting up its new manufacturing facility in The Palmetto State, so it could start production of appliances there during the third quarter of the following year.
The Palmetto State has a storied whitetail tradition--especially in the so-called Lowcountry, where each year hunters can start rifle hunting Aug.
This book presents letters from Augustine Thomas Smythe, an educated Confederate soldier who served in the Confederate Signal Corps and on the CSS Palmetto State. His letters describe the attack on Fort Sumter and the siege, destruction, and abandonment of Charleston, his hometown, as observed from his post in the steeple of a church.
The increased production capacity in our Fort Mill 1 plant enables our company to offer more job opportunities for residents of the Palmetto State as well as more high-tech solutions to our automotive and industrial customers.
Bedenbaugh, Bruner say they plan to mail their first Valpak Blue Envelope later this month to approximately 100,000 households in the Palmetto State with the potential to expand to 250,000 households per month.
The Palmetto State joins Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
The outcome in the Palmetto State did not bode well for March 1, when a number of other southern states held their primaries.
In five chapters, plus an introduction and conclusion, Kate Cote Gillin ably discusses the changed landscape in the Palmetto State during the Civil War and Reconstruction and how afterward white men sought to reclaim what they had once dominated by controlling the land, labor, and politics.
Clinton was up by nearly 30 points in the polls and a victory for her in the Palmetto State was a near certainty coming into primary day.
The Palmetto State has 4.6 million residents and $3.6 billion in local government hospital spending.
Strategic Fundraising in Saint Paul, Minn., was hit with the largest fine in South Carolina in nearly a decade for assorted alleged violations when it made telephone calls into the Palmetto state for some of the nation's largest charities.
The Jewish Press reports that the Palmetto State has approved a brand new vanity license plate template with a message signaling a driver's support for the Jewish state.
A WIS investigation uncovered, North Carolina isn't the only state that sends its human waste into the Palmetto State. New York also sends its de-watered human sewage to South Carolina.
As we noted in our May Government Affairs section, the Coalition saluted South Carolina lawmakers for their move to restrict the use of green building systems that contain provisions potentially discriminating against products, materials and technologies created in the Palmetto State. Proponents of South Carolina's Energy Independence and Sustainable Construction Act should take extra satisfaction knowing they preempted a campaign from the environmental movement's most seasoned propagandists.