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Palmetto State Armory is a South Carolina-based retailer selling through brick-and-mortar stores as well as in the e-commerce sphere.
Clinton was up by nearly 30 points in the polls and a victory for her in the Palmetto State was a near certainty coming into primary day.
was hit with the largest fine in South Carolina in nearly a decade for assorted alleged violations when it made telephone calls into the Palmetto state for some of the nation's largest charities.
The Jewish Press reports that the Palmetto State has approved a brand new vanity license plate template with a message signaling a driver's support for the Jewish state.
A WIS investigation uncovered, North Carolina isn't the only state that sends its human waste into the Palmetto State.
As we noted in our May Government Affairs section, the Coalition saluted South Carolina lawmakers for their move to restrict the use of green building systems that contain provisions potentially discriminating against products, materials and technologies created in the Palmetto State.
The data breach happened when personal details of about 488,000 debit and credit card holders in Palmetto State were stolen from customers at Target during the Christmas shopping season.
Wilson has met with at least two businesses in the Palmetto State that dealt with patent troll issues.
In 2013 we would learn that another Palmetto State legacy, Remmele Mazyck, had exploited the lottery ticket security system that he helped set up in order to steal winning tickets.
Sellers and Smith's bill would provide a tax credit to Palmetto State companies developing or manufacturing medical devices, essentially reimbursing them for the tax--a vital source of funding for President Obama's Affordable Care Act.
His testimony capped the end of a three-day visit to the Palmetto State.
Our study area was the forest of Ottine Swamp, Palmetto State Park, Gonzales County, Texas.
New York and South Carolina, home to Senators Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham of China-is-a-currency-manipulator fame, have seen export booms in the years since China joined the World Trade Organization: 472 percent for the Empire State and 2,261 percent for the Palmetto State.
Temps in the Palmetto State can soar into the upper 90s at this time of year and the mosquitoes are more bloodthirsty than a pack of Vampires in an Anne Rice novel, but those are the risks you endure for a shot at such a rare trophy.
US Fibers is focused on growing and expanding our operations in the Palmetto State," Oh says.