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an Italian game similar to tennis

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Responding to concerns raised by Hagan and Palloni, see John Hagan & Alberto Palloni, Crimes as Social Events in the Life Course: Reconceiving a Criminological Controversy, 26 CRIMINOLOGY 87 (1988), Nagin and Land demonstrated that group-based trajectory models are well suited to take into account the order of arrest events.
Before you break out the balloons, consider this: "The probability that somebody guesses correctly," demographer Alberto Palloni told USA Today, "is as little [small] as winning the lottery.
Often I ask for a couple of palloni, or small balls, of mozzarella di bufala with some oil and balsamic vinegar.
In the absence of complete vital registration system, indirect techniques proposed by Brass (1964), Trussell (1975), Feeney (1980), and Palloni and Heligman (1986) have been used for estimating IMR for Nepal using the census or survey data.
In research on prison inmates in London in the late nineteenth century, for example, Professors John Hagan and Alberto Palloni show that incarceration tends to complicate efforts of ex-offenders to forge social links to legal work, increasing their chances of further incarceration.
See Marianne Schmink, Die Socioeconomic Matrix of Deforestation, in Population and Environment, supra note 32, at 264-71 (discussing deforestation in India); Alberto Palloni, The Relationship between Population and Deforestation: Methods for Drawing Causal Inferences from Macro and Micro Studies, in Population and Environment, supra note 32, at 125-61 (describing the nature of the analytical problem of working out the interaction between population growth and deforestation).
In pagine di straordinaria ironia critica e forza icastica, con allusioni alla parata dei grandi magazzini Macy's e alla festa di Thanksgiving, Qfwfq descrive il percorso del corteo lunare che si scontra con e finisce per assorbire e inglobare la parata del "Giorno del Ringraziamento del Consumatore" (con tanto di palloni e di majorettes), mescolando e rendendo irriconoscibile il vecchio e il nuovo, provocando una trasformazione radicale, fantastica, apocalittica:
This new partnership confirms our focus and competence in the analysis and simulation of composite materials," said Francesco Palloni, SmartCAE's Business Development Manager.
Ot her studies on household size and composition, as well as patterns of living arrangements and their socio-economic determinants with reference to the elderly persons in developing countries, include those of Cameroon (2000); Palloni et al.