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an Italian game similar to tennis

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(14.) Albala C, Lebrao ML, Leon Diaz EM, Ham-Chande R, Hennis AJ, Palloni A, et al.
Palloni, "Cohort profile: The Mexican Health and Aging Study (MHAS)," International Journal of Epidemiology, 2015.
(4) Similarly Fredrik Andersson, John Haltiwanger, Mark Kutzbach, Giordano Palloni, Henry Pollakowski, and Daniel Weinberg show that, once the endogeneity of public housing use is accounted for, childhood residence in supported housing, which has a large cash value, has positive effects on young adult earnings and reduces the probability of incarceration.
(8.) Resta, se la grafia di "pentoloni" e esatta, l'incertezza del significato da attribuirsi al termine che, per essere dotato di "lancie" e segnare il tempo, puo essere un allotropo di "pendoloni", accrescitivo di "pendoli", quantunque il fatto di "scoppiare" puo far pensare anche a grosse pentole che, simili a vesciche o a palloni gonfiati, connotano la boria tronfia e supponente del potere.
I am grateful to Alberto Palloni, Jeremy Foltz, Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Ariic David Aguto Reng, James Alic Garang, and the anonymous reviewers, for insightful comments.
(20.) Pelaez M, Palloni A, Albala C, Alfonso J, Ham-Chande R, Hennis A.
According to PALLONI & PELAEZ (2003) the aging process, which occurs gradually in developed countries, accompanied by improvements in the coverage of the health system, housing conditions, sanitation, work conditions and nutrition, occurs rapidly in Brazil and in a context of social inequality, fragile economy, increasing levels of poverty, with poor access to health services and limited financial resources, without the structural changes that respond to the demands of the new emerging age group.
(64) John Hagan & Alberto Palloni, Crimes as Social Events in
Accanto alle notizie riportate da periodici e quotidiani, le riviste fotografiche e cinematografiche si interessano con evidente curiosita alle novita determinate dalle nuove esigenze della guerra: campagne di documentazione fotografica ad opera di soldati dilettanti, (6) proiezioni itineranti al fronte, (7) riprese effettuate da palloni, aerostati e velivoli d'ogni sorta.
This aging process will take place "in the midst of weak economic performance, tense intergenerational relations, fragile institutional contexts, and restricted access to health care services" (Palloni et al., 2007, p.
Their pricing model fits well within our customers' price point," said Bob Palloni, Chief Operations Officer, Skyware Hospitality Solutions.