Pallas Athene

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(Greek mythology) goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare

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Today the immaculate 65ft narrowboat, Pallas Athene, is moored at Lydiate where the couple spend most winters.
By Sarah Searight, with photographs by Jane Taylor Published by Pallas Athene ISBN 1 874329 82 7 price 19.
Henri Gascar chose to represent Frances Stuart, by that time Duchess of Richmond, as Pallas Athene, the virgin castigator of the vices; presumably because she had repulsed the overtures of Charles II (Goodwood Collection).
It is a predominantly pagan speech, addressed to Jupiter (lines 15-17) and Pallas Athene (lines 22-4), and referring to Allecto (lines 20-2), the Furies (lines 25-6), and Thesiphone (lines 27-30).
Brittany Clark '09 won the Pallas Athene Award as the most outstanding female cadet in the 8th Brigade.