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an ancient Prakrit language (derived from Sanskrit) that is the scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism

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Seen in this context of social construction, the first event in Ferrara's Palio di San Giorgio would seem to reaffirm the Este family's oligarchic rule over the city.
SPI students actually get to take part in all Palio festivities - they do everything from dressing up for the costume parade, to screaming and shouting alongside Italians at the race itself.
It was months before the Palio was to begin, and Rovai was explaining why horses belong in church come race time.
She astutely stresses the character of the comrade palio as a popular festival, but not a "festival of the people," since it was complicit in a repressive monarchic regime.
The Siena Hotel selected Clairemont to devise a long-term public relations strategy and spearhead communications during a $700,000 renovation to Il Palio, the boutique hotel's premiere Italian restaurant.
Fiat SpA (NYSE: FIA) (ISE: IT0001976403), an Italy-based automaker, has launched a new version of the Palio, named the Palio Weekend Adventure, in Brazil.
But by then, Faria had begun her affair with Palios, 51.
More than 20 years on, with Palios at the centre of a scandal that threatens to tear the Football Association in half, Mountfield has nothing but praise and sympathy for his former team-mate.
David Moffett today laughed off his status as second favourite to succeed Mark Palios as chief executive of the Football Association.
It was reported that communications director Steve Gibson, desperate to cover up the misdemeanours of chief executive Mark Palios and increase the heat on Eriksson, offered the News Of The World an extensive account of the England coach's relationship with an FA secretary in return for a guarantee that Palios would be kept out of the story.
Mark Palios last night resigned as chief executive of the Football Association.
Mark palios has resigned as chief executive of the Football Association.
MARK PALIOS last night claimed football was the loser after the Rio Ferdinand drug-test scandal.
FOOTBALL Association chief executive Mark Palios is confident that Sven-Goran Eriksson will not quit as England coach despite another week of off-the-pitch turmoil wrecking his buildup to an international.
FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION chief executive Mark Palios insisted his job is not on the line despite the chaos and confusion which angered the England squad in the build-up to tomorrow's friendly against Denmark.