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This characteristic is common in the Scyllaridae, but the opposite phenomenon occurs in the Palinuridae and Nephropidae (Spanier and Lavalli, 2007).
Mass migration of spiny lobster, Panulirus Argus (Crustacea: Palinuridae): Behavior and environmental correlates.
Gercacinidae Cardisoma guanhumi Grapsidae Goniopsis cruentata Grapsidae Aratus pisoni Ocypodidae Ucides cordatus Palinuridae Panuliris laevicauda Palinuridae Panulirus argus Panaeidae Panaeus sp.
By contrast, spiny lobsters (family Palinuridae) and slipper lobsters (family Scyllaridae) have no claws, although they do have small pincers on some of their legs.
Swimming behavior of the puerulus of the spiny lobster Panulirus argus (Latreille, 1804) (Crustacea: Palinuridae).
The following species are identified in Guam's catches: Palinuridae (Panulirus longipes, P.
La langosta espinosa Panulirus argus (Latreille, 1804) es un crustaceo decapodo perteneciente a la familia Palinuridae (Tavares, 2002) que se encuentra distribuida desde Carolina del Norte hasta Rio de Janeiro, incluyendo el Golfo de Mexico y el Mar Caribe (Holthuis, 1991; Tavares, 2002).
Phyllosoma and puerulus larvae of the green spiny lobster Panulirus gracilis Streets 1871 from the Costa Rica Expedition, 1973 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palinuridae).
Puga R, de Leon ME, Cruz R (1996) Catchability for the main methods in the cuban fishery of the spiny lobster Panulirus argus (Latreille, 1804), and implications for management (Decapoda: Palinuridae).
A semi-quantitative collector of the puerulus larvae of the western rock lobster (Panulirus longipes cygnus) George (Decapoda: Palinuridae).