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a word or phrase that reads the same backward as forward

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To Borgmann, as to many other palindromists then and now, one's objective in composing a palindromic sentence is straightforward: one simply tries to achieve the best lucidity, propriety of language and naturalness of expression that palindromicity and the rules of grammar permit.
com'> reports that he is working on a book about palindromists throughout history, specifically including Howard Bergerson, Dmitri Borgmann, J.
Katz realized that a renowned palindromist like Leona would never have written such an unintelligible palindrome unless it had some other additional constraint hidden within it.
I then decided to discard the traditional crossword ban on unchecked squares, but to keep the rule of grid symmetry, an especially pleasing goal for a palindromist.
I posted a few efforts in Mark Saltveit's Palindromist magazine forum the other year: "I haven't been able to come up with any that have more than 5 words so far, but I'll work on it
Mark Saltveit is the reigning World Palindrome Champion A true renaissance man, he has held jobs from movie location manager to manual laborer to computer programmer He founded and ran a computer training company for 9 years, worked as a barista, office temp and professor of English in China, and writes about football and Taoism Let's also not forget standup comedian, skimboarder, and dad He is responsible for creating and publishing the Palindromist Magazine and the Skeleton Close website Sources say he
Mark Saltveit, editor of THE PALINDROMIST journal, and Vince Clemente, a documentary film maker, sent me information about a wonderful new project they are working on, a project that will raise the back-and-forth linguistic magic of palindromes to greater heights than ever.
Though the palindromic phrase goldenrod-adorned log was probably known to wordplayers of the late 19th century, we moderns can go them one better with elaborations of goldenrod-adorned logologists: A drunken palindromist at a logologists' convention loudly announces his decision to retire for the evening:
I also subscribed to (or exchanged Word Ways for) journals such as Logophile, Verbatim, Maledicta, Cryptologia, Semagames (a Catalan journal of palindromy), Wordsworth, and The Palindromist.
3/10/2013), my Palindromist Magazine announced the first annual SymmyS Awards for outstanding palindrome achievement, modeled after the Academy Awards for film.
Websites such as Mark Saltveit's The Palindromist (www.