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an ancient Prakrit language (derived from Sanskrit) that is the scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism

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Many large Pali language schools have closed, while those that continue, suffer from sharply decreasing numbers of students, a majority of which are Western.
Monks and nuns in saffron robes chanted scriptures of the 'Tipitaka', the collected teachings of Lord Buddha in the sacred Pali language, at Mahabodhi temple.
As they were written in the Pali language Buddhist savants in all Theravada countries came to know the history of the Bhikkhuni Order in Sri Lanka.
It may be of interest for scholars of the Pali language and Buddhism that one text, the Somanassavinicchaya (no.
In the earliest Pali language texts, the Buddha rejects the extremes that on one hand things have being, and on the other that they have no being.
He was also responsible for the establishment of the Pali Language Department at Calcutta University and he tirelessly propagated the Buddha's teaching around the world.
Then the monk will give a sermon and read some prayers, both in Tai language and Pali language.