Palestinian National Authority

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combines the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under a political unit with limited autonomy and a police force

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Fayyad also explored during the meeting the efforts being exerted by the Palestinian National Authority aimed to boost national readiness in order to establish the Palestinian State.
Jayasinghe, Representative of Sri Lanka in the Palestinian National Authority who is also the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in the Palestinian National Authority.
Arafat was elected president of the Palestinian National Authority.
Fayyad first became Prime Minister of the Palestinian National authority in 2007 and then was reappointed in 2009.
Summary: On the invitation of President Ben Ali, the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Executive Committee and Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas arrived on Thursday afternoon in Tunis, for a work visit on March 12-13, 2010.
He told this week's Ministerial Conference on Capacity Building for Palestine in Jakarta that the UAE has also recently pledged $43 million in annual support for the Palestinian National Authority.
He said under a new policy, officials or leading figures in the Palestinian National Authority will face trial if they are charged with corruption.
In the case of authoritarian regimes, such as Jamal characterizes the Palestinian National Authority to be, civic associations that are allowed to operate freely tend to be the ones that support government policy and reinforce clientelistic behavior that undermines democratic values.
Star The Palestinian National Authority has again been readmitted into the fold of nations through the one-day London Conference that brought together UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and last but not least Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in addition to more than 20 European and Arab officials, plus representatives of the World bank and the IMF.
Gaza International Airport is set to be renamed after the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat by the Palestinian National Authority, according to security sources.
5) This quasi-state, under establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), has become known for authoritarianism, centralization, personalism, neo-patrimony, violence, lack of rule of law, and arbitrariness in decision-making.
The members also handed Kobayashi a statement demanding the ministry urge Israel to stop its military retaliation against Palestinians and also urge the Palestinian National Authority to take appropriate measures against terrorism in the wake of a series of suicide bombings by Palestinians in Israel.
Jordan's desire for a permanent peace between ``our friends in Israel and our friends in the PNA,'' the Palestinian National Authority, will remain its chief diplomatic priority, he said.
12, will serve very small power plants to be installed along its route by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).
Ramallah: The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has backed away from a move to issue Palestinian passports clearly marked as aACAyState of Palestine' documents following threats made by Israel that it would not allow holders of such passports to travel via the crossings Israel fully controls, a senior Palestinian official said.
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