Palestinian Islamic Jihad

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a militant Palestinian terrorist group created in 1979 and committed to the creation of an Islamic state in Palestine and to the destruction of Israel

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Suicide terrorism arrived in Israel in 1993 and since then Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have carried out numerous attacks.
The list includes the Abu Nidal Organisation (ANO), Aum Shinrikyo, the terrorist wing of Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Let's also keep in mind that it is not all Arabs and Palestinians who have been and are responsible for terror attacks, but the the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other terror groups.
All payment to and capital transactions with Hamas-Izz al-Din al-Qassem, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LET) will now require approval from authorities, the foreign, finance and trade ministries said.
For now, no link between the bombing and Israeli-Palestinian violence can be assumed, but the State Department says most of the major radical Islamic organizations operate in Yemen, including the Palestinian group known as Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and cells linked to Osama bin Laden, the exiled Saudi whom American officials blamed for the bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on August 7, 1998.
More particularly, Professor Abu-Amr undertakes an examination of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
During his discussion, Motley will help educate the Jewish community in Toronto on the how he and others at Motley Rice are leading in the fight against Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and helping to seek justice for those victimized by the genocide taking place in Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East.
This announced was made by Egypt's general intelligence chief Khaled Fawzy during his reception of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad delegation, headed by its secretary general Ramadan Shallah, in Cairo today.
Iran also supplies the terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad with weapons, financing, and know-how.
Before being killed, the boy, identified by activists on social media as Mahmoud Issa, is seen on the back of a truck surrounded by militants who accuse him of being a spy and a member of al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement.
RAMALLAH (CyHAN)- An activist with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group who had been on a hunger strike decided early Monday to end his strike, following an agreement with Israel to free him.
Khalid al-Batsh, a senior official of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, said that the agreement recognizes their demands.
Egypt's military says it has seized caches of weapons in a Sinai operation including a mortar apparently belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group in neighbouring Gaza.
Summary: The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement called Thursday for the formation of "a unified political authority" in Lebanon to protect the refugee camps from the threat of sectarian strife as a result of the two-year bloody conflict in Syria.
Meanwhile, the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, accused by Israel of receiving arms which transit through Sudan, has met President Omar Bashir in Khartoum, official media reported.
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