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a descendant of the Arabs who inhabited Palestine


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Majdalani added that Palestinian Arab forces would work in an "integrated"fashion "with the Syrian state to clear the camp of terrorists.
Against the backdrop of this history and these challenges, the recent electoral success of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel can be seen as all the more significant.
speaking to Palestinian Arab residents in preparation for the upcoming elections.
Most Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel are Muslims and the pretext for the move was to give Christians unique representation on the Advisory Committee for Equal Opportunity in Employment Commission.
In light of systemic legal discrimination in Israel against Palestinian Arab citizens, the Mossawa Center continues to expose and challenge Israel's discriminatory legal regime, whilst advocating for equality, minority status recognition and indigenous rights.
Zionism's conflict with the indigenous Palestinian Arabs is now into the sixth generation, and counting.
The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders' is an apparently comprehensive text book on the newspapers and journals published in Palestine, and more specifically after the nakba, within the Israeli green line.
Implicit in the proposal was the abandonment of the UN Assembly's plan to establish a Palestinian Arab state beside Israel.
CDATA[ Palestinian Arab children trade "martyr cards" instead of Pokemon cards.
Having witnessed the outbreak of deadly violence between supporters of rival soccer teams from neighboring Palestinian Arab towns in northern Israel--the predominantly Christian town of Kafr Yassif and the predominantly Druze town of Julis--and the subsequent revenge attack on Kafr Yassif a few days later, Shihade (international studies, Birzeit U.
The signatories the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Palestinian Democratic Union, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, Palestinian Liberation Front, the Arab Liberation Front and the Palestinian Arab Front.
New Legal Developments: The New Israeli Government Launches a Flood of Legislation in Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel," Adalah--The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and The Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), (4 June 2009), online: http://www.
Ahmad al-Tibi, after I called him to congratulate him on winning a seat in the Knesset, on the success of the United Arab List in taking a total of four seats, and on the general success of Arab lists, despite the drop in Palestinian Arab turn-out.
The picture on its front cover shows, from the back, a Jewish and a Palestinian Arab boy walking arm in arm on a hill seemingly overlooking Jerusalem.
The first prohibited Arab governments from giving citizenship to the Palestinian Arab refugees.
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