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a descendant of the Arabs who inhabited Palestine

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On the Palestinian side, Prime Minister Abbas has reaffirmed support for the state of Israel and called for an end to the Second Intifada and to suicide bombings.
Israeli military authorities were promising to liquidate Hamas, a terrorist group allied to the Palestinian leadership, and Hamas reiterated its commitment to destroy Israel.
com/impressions-of-palestinian-memory-in-watercolor-art/) Impressions of Palestinian Memory in Watercolour".
The image expresses a common Palestinian motif, found both in text and cartoons, that depicts Palestinians as Jesus and Jesus as a Palestinian, commented Itamar Marcus of Israel-based Palestinian Media Watch.
Although the hospital mainly provides services for Palestinian refugees in co-operation with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, it also supports the health and medical needs of the entire community.
is providing this year for Palestinian development in the West Bank and Gaza.
Bucaille swiftly recognizes that the aim of Israel's continuous repression is to exhaust Palestinian society.
Palestinian officials insist that their options depend partly on what Israel does.
Israel has now ended its policy of demolishing the homes of Palestinian terrorists.
Just because Frum and Perle argue that the Palestinian people have been hijacked and used to advance a cause that has very little to do with their needs?
For more than 40 years, Yasir Arafat, President of the Palestinian Authority, has been the symbol of his people's desire for their own country.
Twenty years later, with the Palestinian intifada raging across the West Bank and Gaza, with two peoples locked into a vicious cycle of suicide bombings and targeted assassinations, the perplexed writer decided to check things out for himself.
The plan also removes the right of return or compensation for Palestinian refugees from the Mideast negotiating table and represents a substantial sacrifice of the already tiny area cordoned off for a Palestinian state.
Avnery was the first Israeli to establish contact with the Palestinian Liberation Organization leadership in 1974.
ITEM: As National Public Radio emphasized how "supporters of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat [were marching] through the streets of the West Bank," NPR on September 29 featured commentary by Fawaz Gerges, professor of Middle East studies at Sarah Lawrence College.
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