Paleozoic era

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I think it's the technology that has set us apart from (my parents') Paleozoic Era.
Two summers ago, the snakehead--a hardy, aggressive species that dates hack to the Paleozoic era and can survive for a time outside of water began to turn up in ponds in Wisconsin and Maryland, devouring plants, other fish, and even small mammals.
Morgan's'' plots harken back to the Paleozoic era of comedy, when cavemen were probably doing sitcoms: Tonight, his swaggering buffoonery nearly wrecks his shy son's date with a pretty schoolmate.
Isozaki said he and Ota paid close attention to Fusulinidae, which became extinct after living in coral reefs or shallow seas during the Paleozoic era.
Each day he gives a different talk on the same topic--but it's not the Paleozoic Era, it's Marcel Proust.
Fascinating plants which go back to the Paleozoic era, though for plants which have managed to survive so long, they are a bit touchy.
Massive outpourings of lava, particularly those in the deep ocean, spurred bursts of evolution early in the Paleozoic era, about 550 million years ago, and in the middle of the Mesozoic era, around 200 million years ago, claims biologist Geerat J.
His research interests include the magnetic polarity time scale for pre-oceanic periods and changes in magnetic reversal frequency since the Paleozoic Era.
180 Tcfe of proved undeveloped methane reserves contained in deep, Paleozoic era formations in Big Piney, Wyoming.
I've visited just one newspaper office since I retired, shortly after the Paleozoic era, and it was the same one in which I had worked a dozen years earlier.
He said the company would conduct a study on the origins of petroleum rocks and the way of movement of oil and gas in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea since the Paleozoic era.
Washington, Feb 8 (ANI): Contrary to conventional belief, a new research shows that the remains of chitin-protein complex-structural materials containing protein and polysaccharide-are present in abundance in fossils of arthropods from the Paleozoic era.
In the late Paleozoic Era, with atmospheric oxygen levels reaching record highs, some insects evolved into giants.