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the earth science that studies fossil organisms and related remains

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The paleontologists compared bones in 81 skeletons of diplodocids (a family that includes the Diplodocus genus) and related dinosaurs, tallying similarities between individual specimens.
Paleontologists believe the tracks were made over several days in what was a shallow lake.
However, some paleontologists focused their hunt on other fossils, such as plants and small animals, which could provide scientists with information about the environment in which Ralph lived.
The chances of finding fossils are good: "Liaoning is one of the most important fossil areas in the world," says Mark Norell, a paleontologist who studies fossils at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
The paleontologists often have to glue the fractured bones together, using a huge sandbox to rest the bones in while the glue is drying.
universities employ some 650 paleontologists, two-thirds of whom work in faculty positions.
After they dug up the rocks, the paleontologists used microscopes to study the trapped fossils.
Our group of 33 includes teenagers, retirees, museum volunteers, geologists, paleontologists, and even a theology professor.
In northwestern China, paleontologists have found remains of Guanlong wucaii, the oldest known dinosaur that belongs to the tyrannosaur family.
Recently two Mexican paleontologists (dino experts) produced the first and sole evidence so far that some dinos may have used their teeth to lethally inject their prey with venom.
The procedure offers paleontologists a nondestructive way to see what's preserved inside ancient rarities smaller than a pinhead and provides fresh insights into the evolution of life on Earth, the scientists say.
One day in the summer of 1993, fossil hunter Michael Novacek was four-wheeling through the lunar landscape of Mongolia's Gobi Desert with his team of paleontologists (scientists who study plant and animal fossils).
Paleontologists recently unearthed fossils of such a creature, which met their expectations for a proposed missing link between fish and the earliest land vertebrates.
Paleontologists (fossil unearthed a perfectly intact wooly mammoth, assembled the longest-necked dinosaur, and uncovered what may be the world's oldest tree.