Paleolithic Age

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second part of the Stone Age beginning about 750,00 to 500,000 years BC and lasting until the end of the last ice age about 8,500 years BC

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First he travels chronologically from the Paleolithic age to medieval ecclesiastical monuments.
The area knew industry from ancient times, with excavations conducted by German archeologist Alfred Rust in Yabrud showing that the area was home to the first industry known to man, dating back to the Paleolithic Age, specifically the period when the Mousterian industrial culture emerged circa 80,000-35,000 BC.
Archaeological finds dating back some 60,000 years show evidence of human activity in the area from the paleolithic age, a prehistoric era mostly distinguished by the development of the first stone tools.
The research institute, which has been jointly investigating the area with the Archaeological Research Institute of Iran and the archaeological and cultural heritage research institutes in Gilan, said it discovered five remains from the Paleolithic Age and 30 remains from the Iron Age.
Just as there are people today whose brains are capable of the type of reasoning necessary for advanced scientific research, there must have been people in the paleolithic age with the same genes as produced these modern brains.
Most were convinced that I'd be a shoo-in should I use their material, some of which could be carbon-dated to the Paleolithic Age, but the stuff was still funny.
In the Paleolithic Age, myths were used to help hunters go beyond their guilt of having to kill living creatures like themselves.
The Tigris Basin had many settlements in the Paleolithic Age because of a suitable climate, environment, stone resources and the abundance of stone caves.
What did Grandad do during the Paleolithic Age when everyone else was hunting deer and designing protective cod pieces for use against wild rhinos?
For a more intimate encounter, don a pair of cleats and travel along the Perito Moreno Glacier or explore the Walichu Caves, where you will find paintings attributed to the aborigines of the Paleolithic age.
In the Paleolithic Age the depictions of moose were very few.
Moreover, this period is memorable for what John Pfeiffer, the noted anthropologist, called the "creative explosion"--the profusion of works of art that marks what is known as the Upper Paleolithic Age.
Even as I write, I am listening to a CD of Music from the Paleolithic Age, played on original rocks, accompanied by the Titular Bishops' Curial Choir.