Paleocene epoch

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from 63 million to 58 million years ago

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The setting is the early Paleocene epoch, 65 million years ago.
Perhaps the situation seems so complex now because we are in the VA equivalent of the Paleocene epoch of the Cenozoic era, when the number of mammals (think product features) in existence exploded.
It's one that's still the norm in many subtropical regions, but during the greenhouse spike in the late Paleocene epoch, monsoon climates extended well into what are now temperate latitudes.
THESE STRANGE-LOOKING rocks were formed as water and wind eroded the soft sandstone, siltstone, and mudstone layers that were originally deposited here about 65 million years ago during the Paleocene Epoch.
Only about 2,000 of these creatures, which are rooted in the Paleocene epoch, 60mn years ago, remain on five small islands in Indonesia.