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from 63 million to 58 million years ago

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24/9-12 S was drilled to respective vertical and measured depths of 2251 and 2285 metres below the sea surface and was terminated in the Heimdal formation in the Paleocene.
Baqri [5] described the distribution of sulphur contents in the coal of Paleocene of Sindh.
It is comparable with Sachun formation of Zagros both show a presence of oxidative continental environment in the beginning of Paleocene.
Lockhart Limestone [1and2], Paleocene in age, is yellowish brown, medium to thick bedded and stands high in relief by virtue of less resistant underlying Hangu Formation and the overlying Patala Formation.
In the north of the middle Sakarya region, the regression continued from the Late Cretaceous to the Paleocene.
Because of presence of AlveolinaCucumiformis which introduced by [11] intype section of Ziarat Formation, they deposited in Late Paleocene.
The bones of the new species, found in greensand deposits in North Canterbury, on the South Island, dated from the Paleocene age, about 58 million years ago, according to scientists from Canterbury Museum and Germany's Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum.
Available stratigraphic data for the Cannonball Formation has been compiled by Cvancara (3) and Hartman (4), while subsurface data remains relatively scant, since oil well documentation does not typically commence in Paleocene strata.
What immediately followed was an era, the Paleocene, which lasted 10 million years and finally ended with an extreme period of global warming.
The remarkable new skeleton comes from rocks in Mongolia that were deposited 57 million years ago during a period known as the Paleocene Epoch.
High-resolution records of the Late Paleocene thermal maximum and circum-Caribbean volcanism: Is there a causal link?
At the latest Paleocene and early Eocene, the remnant ocean to the north of central Cuba remained closed and continued rollback of the oceanic crust flanking the Bahamas, as attested to by increased subsidence rates in the Bahamas at this time, and also by the subduction of the Proto-Caribbean plate (Pindell, et al.
3% stake in the Flyndre Paleocene discovery to Maersk Oil, part of Danish group AP Moller-Maersk A/S (CPH:MAERSK B), for NOK19m.
The first of two books on the era, the text covers the first three of the seven subdivisions of the era, the Paleocene, Eocene, and the Oligocene epochs.
The formation conformably overlies the Afowo Formation and Maastrichtian to Paleocene age has been assigned (Omatsola and Adegoke, 1981).