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an ancient town on Crete where Bronze Age culture flourished from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC

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A fresco of the Prince of the Lilies, which is displayed in the Palace of Minos in Knossos, CRETE
In their ambitious scale, Johnson's vessels are larger than most ancient pottery--except, perhaps, the clay jars called 'pithoi' found in the labyrinthine storage magazines of the Palace of Minos.
In his The Palace of Minos, which appeared in four volumes from 1921 to 1935, Evans gave not only archaeological support for the historicity of Minos but also "a local habitation and a name" for the Labyrinth itself and perhaps even its famous monster incumbent: the sprawling palace of Knossos with its frescoes of adolescents leaping dangerously if gracefully over the backs of bulls.
Most of the mythic action now moves north to Knossos, where in 1900 the archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans unearthed the vast ruins of the Palace of Minos.
95 [pounds sterling]), the tale of the maverick and brilliant translator of the script from the palace of Minos in Crete, fifty years ago this year.
Captain John Pendlebury, 36, had been for ten years curator of the Palace of Minos at Cnossos and just before war broke out, in 1939, he had published a book on the archaeology of Crete which, the last time I checked, was still in print.