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* To examine how participant attitudes and perceived benefits of pair programming are related to the quality of the solution, and
Empowering teachers to create educational software: A Constructivist approach utilizing Etoys, pair programming and cognitive apprenticeship.
Mob Programming (Zuill, 2014) is a concept that recently emerged from practice as an evolution of pair programming. It consists of a whole team working on the same project, at the same time/space allocation, and using a single computer for coding.
If there is a group of students working on a project, they could discuss ideas, make decisions and reach conclusions as a group, just like in the anarchic approach, but when the actual developing starts, they could choose a partner and do pair programming. Doing this, they take full advantage of both methodologies.
Pair programming is a collaborative programming technique where all the programming of a programming task is done by two programmers working at the same computer (Berenson, Slaten, Williams, & Ho, 2004).
Pair programming is one of the most accepted and succeeded in the industry and academic.
Sjeberg, "The Effectiveness of Pair Programming: A Meta-Analysis", Information and Software Technology, vol.51, no.7, pp.1110-1122, 2009.
In order to avoid situations like these, we decided to carry out an experiment of using pair programming during development of one complex module.
While PatientsLikeMe doesn't practice it formally, Weiskotten has become a fan of pair programming. "I've learned a lot from my teammates because everyone has a unique background," he says.
Exploring the efficacy of distributed pair programming. Recuperado el 16 de septiembre de 2007 del sitio web del Departamento de Ciencias de la Computacion.
Personality Traits in Successful Pair Programming. Gulgunes Atli and Joseph Chao, Bowling Green State University, Department of Computer Science, Bowling Green, OH 43402
We practice pair programming, which is having two people assigned to a task to even out the skills.
The educators' symposium discusses teaching a programmer testing course, balancing hands-on and research activities in a graduate level course, and undergraduate student perceptions of pair programming. No subject index is provided.
One of the approaches that have been proposed is the use of virtual pair programming (VPP).
In the GCG program, we use four simultaneous strategies that build on key recommendations for overcoming barriers to and providing supports for girls' participation in technology: 1) game design and production, 2) pair programming, 3) challenging stereotypes, and 4) identity-forming activities.