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glass that has been colored in some way

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The primary use for Pinturas' paints is for the decoration of container glasses for perfume and cosmetic, food and beverage and other consumer products applications, where painted glass packaging communicates brand identity.
In addition, Reed Construction also deployed striped carpet that mimics the famous Garrett Popcorn tin, back painted glass at the elevator lobby and created open work areas with exposing ceiling and duct work.
This recall involves a decorative spiral tea light holder made from painted glass with a red, orange, and green floral design.
Items including jewellery, painted glass, artwork, wooden gifts, handmade cards and knitwear will be on offer on March 31 and April 1.
They manufacture about every type of decorative glass imaginable including but not limited to cast glass, slumped glass, bent glass, laminated glass, silvered and painted glass, glass treads, and flooring.
The managing director, Jason Hedges, said not using the additive had cost the business 74,000 dollars to replace defective painted glass.
Art Deco followed on from the dreamy and romantic Art Noveau movement and retained certain aspects, such as painted glass.
The resort facilities include private courtyard with plunge pool, barbeque grill and Brown Jordan chaise lounges, chairs and hand painted glass tables.
We saw some painted glass ones in a craft shop but can't remember where.
After decades of austerity, he says, new churches were built and old ones restored in styles ranging from conservative gothic to avant-garde baroque, painted glass revived, religious painting once more played a role in public and private worship, new music was composed to accompany more elaborate services that were coming into vogue, wood and stone were carved, alter cloths and vestments woven and sewn, even new silverware was made for the alter.
TOP CLASS: Kirklees Mayor Clr Julie Stewart-Turner and her consort Darrel Turner enjoy the painted glass stall with Pam Kent, pastor Leroy Johnson and Cynthia McEvan (PC040709Bnewsome) ALL ABOARD: Ready to take to the seas are (from left) Jake Gibbins, Dawn Stewart, Alicia Lever, Nathan Sykes, Genevieve Rigate (PC040709Bnewsome)
K Seal has now carved its own niche in toughened safety glass and glass processing, installing its own pounds 1m furnace two years ago which enables the firm to produce distinctive products like Kolorglass, ceramic painted glass panels which Mr Woolley said are ideal alternatives to kitchen and shower tiles.
If the curtain-glass of Bauhaus architecture effaced distinctions between wall and window, Booth's panes of painted glass, neither wall nor window, exhibit the properties of both: Light refracts through the painted glass, projecting intricate, Constructivist-like patterns on nearby walls.
Jewellery inspired by cave paintings, hand painted glass and wood will also be on sale alongside hundreds of paintings, many by wellknown Welsh artists and priced at less than pounds 100.