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The collision caused one lorry to leak 150 litres of paint thinner on to the carriageway.
Anyone dumping or flushing gasoline, paint thinner, or other types of industrial or toxic solvents into the city's sewer system can be charged with violations of the city's municipal code, he said.
Of note, California's South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)--the only California air district with its own Paint Thinner and Multipurpose Solvent Limit rule that deviates from the CARB proposal--has recommended that CARB complete an "LVP Study" to determine the impact of certain low vapor pressure solvents (LVPs) on ozone formation.
As for acrylic paints, they are water-based so clean-up is a breeze: Just wash it down the drain with some warm water, no paint thinner required.
For example, employees previously used aircraft paint thinner to clean paint guns manually.
When I returned, I was shocked to see the BM3 pouring three gallons of paint thinner on the deck.
A 22-YEAR-old Nicosia district man was yesterday recovering in hospital with first and second degree burns to 40 per cent of his body after a love jealous teenager threw paint thinner all over him, police said.
Scientists do not know why certain chemical odors, like onion, ammonia and paint thinner, are so highly irritating, but new research in mice has uncovered an unexpected role for specific nasal cavity cells.
Before disposing of any paint, paint thinner or cleanup materials, talk with your unit's HAZMAT officer or NCO or the environmental office supporting your unit or installation.
SHREWSBURY - Residents are encouraged to bring oil-based paints and stains, and turpentine paint thinner to the drop-off event from 8:30 a.
But, too often, "Huff" plays as though it's been written by someone huffing paint thinner, as the lives of Huff and those around him play out as some Grand Guignol parody of a social satire.
The survey also found that the use of inhalants (household products, such as markers and paint thinner, whose fumes users inhale to achieve a high) has climbed among 8th-graders for the second year in a row.
They should also avoid direct contact with paint, paint thinner, turpentine, and similar irritating chemicals.
Most of them are common household products, like spray paints, air fresheners, paint thinner, correction fluid, and lighter fluid.
According to the indictment, Nakahira, a jobless man with heavy debts, stabbed Shuzo Itogawa, then 63, to death with a kitchen knife, doused his Wakayama house with paint thinner and set it on fire July 30 to avoid paying back 50,000 yen.