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United States baseball player

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Despite the impact LTG Paige has had on the Army's communications mission, he remains a humble leader who focuses on giving credit to those around him.
She said the girl told the PSNI how Paige put out his arms, picked her up and hugged her in the street.
Little Paige as a baby "We are hoping to go in August or September, Paige is really excited.
With doubts about her maternal ability creeping into her mind and her husband working long hours at the hospital trying to carve a successful career, Paige considers this: is it possible her baby would be better off without her?
Paige is expected to finish her intensive chemotherapy in the next few weeks and will then begin a cycle of maintenance treatment.
Said Paige Padon, "211 East 51st Skeet provided the perfect canvas for us to create a signature look that would showcase its beautiful and livable spaces.
No-one has been arrested over the hit-andrun smash which happened when Paige stepped out of a taxi after visiting relatives.
At one point he suggests Paige may have been an "introvert," but we also learn that he was something of a womanizer who liked to show off his cars, and when he had the money, an extravagant wardrobe.
Barry, 32, a landscape gardener, made adjustments to their house for Paige - who has learned to cope with artificial arms and legs.
She recounts how Paige was born in Dallas and was "the perfect little girl" growing up.
As oil prices approach $80 per barrel, there's strong solar industry demand for alternative energy sources," says Paige.
They had developed a close bond over the past nine years, since Samarrai performed the first of eight surgeries that turned the cleft lip and palate that Paige had been born with into a beautiful smile.
This season Shane is playing mom to her brother's young son and meets Loken's character, Paige Sobel, at a PTA meeting (of all lesbian things).
Paige as the commander and program director of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD).
Add to this the warm and likeable personality of someone like Satchel Paige, and you have a nearly foolproof formula for success.