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Synonyms for pederasty

sexual relations between a man and a boy (usually anal intercourse with the boy as a passive partner)

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Ellis (1930:1-64) cites numerous examples in his discussion of paiderastia drawn from this Journal and notes that it 'contains many studies bearing on the ideal and aesthetic aspects of homosexuality' based on early Greek civilisation.
Lee's reference to Plato and his beautiful boy auditors evokes, perhaps unconsciously, the formalized paiderastia of ancient Greece.
Subsequent commentaries on (and works inspired by) Plato's dialogues on love and a Neoplatonic hermeneutic would transform Plato's paiderastia and Ficino's homoerotic pedagogy and spirituality into a Renaissance version of fin'amors (courtly love), one that was resolutely heterosexual and ostensibly offered the possibility of moral and spiritual improvement.
Sometimes Jowett tries to translate ancient paiderastia (a type of social contract between an older and a younger man governed by precise laws of conduct) into modern heterosexual terms.
Oscar lived in an age when the only intellectual and historical justification for love and sex between men was the tradition of Greek paiderastia.
The story of the Pergamene Boy is an account of Greek paiderastia, the usus formosorum (Sat.
He is authoritative about the homoerotic underworld of rent boys, telegraph lads, and Mary Anns, as well as the upper-middle and aristocratic Uranian cabals--the entire gamut of paiderastia, the Dorian confraternity, the Cleveland Streeters, is dealt with sexually explicitly.