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Unlike crabs in the families Lithodidae and Paguridae, Aegla platensis, a riverine anomuran in Brazil, develops through the zoea and decapodid stages (equivalent to the megalops or glaucothoe) inside the egg and hatches alter 35 d (Lizardo-Daudt and Bond-Buckup 2003).
The prey category "CRABS" represented pooled fragments of all crabs except Paguridae and Xanthidae.
Xanthidae and Paguridae, small in body size, were eaten mostly by intermediate-size predators.
and others excluding Paguridae or Xanthidae PAG hermit crabs Pagurus acadianus, P.
For prey crabs, open-habitat red snapper diets were dominated by Xanthidae, and smaller amounts of Paguridae, Portunidae, Diogeninae, and Pinnotheridae (Fig.