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food fish of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of Europe and America

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In terms of metabolic changes, some fish such as northern pike, Esox lucius, and golden perch, Macquaria ambigua, use lipids as a primary and early source of energy during starvation (Ince and Thorpe, 1976; Collins and Anderson, 1995), whereas others such as red porgy, Pagrus pagrus, use muscle protein (Rueda et al., 1998).
El presente hallazgo, constituye el segundo registro del genero y el primero de la especie Pagrus pagrus (Linnaeus, 1758) para Costa Rica.
Chatzifotis et al (1) reported that lycopene did not have significant effects on coloring the skin of red porgy (Pagrus pagrus); these results are in agreement with this study, where no significant effect on the pigmentation of C.
Broodstock feeding effects on spawning performances'(fertility, eggs and larvae quality) of the Mediterranean red porgy (Pagrus pagrus, Linnaeus 1758) during two years.
Also, according to the small size of yolk sac in Bunni, after hatching food should be available immediately to begin exogenous feeding, a similar characteristic is reported for Pagrus pagrus (Conides & Glamuzina 2001).
The hystopathology of Scomber japonicus infection by Nematobothrium scombri (Trematoda: Didymozoidae) and of larval anisakid nematode infections in the liver of Pagrus pagrus. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, v.
Background colour influence on the stress response in cultured red porgy Pagrus pagrus. Aquaculture, 223: 129-139
Ona CF, Alarcon J, Diaz M, Abellan E (2003) Estudio comparativo de la degradacion in vitro de proteinas por las proteasas estomacales de Denton (Dentex dentex), Pargo (Pagrus Pagrus) y el hibrido Dentex x Pagrus.
Este tipo de compensacion obtenido despues de 1 semana de ayuno seguido de 3 o mas semanas de realimentacion fue reportado para Pagrus pagrus [Rueda et al., 1998], Carassius auratus [Qian et al., 2000]; Lates calcarifer [Tian y Qin, 2003]; Paralichthys olivaceus [Cho et al., 2006] y Pagrus major [Oh et al., 2007].
Estimated ages of red porgy (Pagrus pagrus) from fishery-dependent and fishery-independent data and a comparison of growth parameters.
Similar results were found for red porgy (Pagrus pagrus), juvenile olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) and Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis), where body weight, CF, or HSI decreased during fish starvation (Rueda et al., 1998; Cho et al., 2006; Peres et al., 2014a).
For example, fins development completed at 16.0 mm (SL) in Sparus aurata (Faustino and Power, 1998), and 15.5 mm TL in Pagrus pagrus (Coban et al., 2009), whereas fins development completed at a much higher lengths of 30.57 mm (SL) in this species.
Length has also been seen as unreliable for estimating the age for other sparids, including red porgy (Pagrus pagrus; Hood and Johnson, 2000), black bream (Acanthopagrus butcheri; Sarre and Potter, 2000), pinfish (Lagodon rhomboids; Nelson, 2002), and littlehead porgy (Calamus proridens; Tyler-Jedlund and Torres, 2015).