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a port in American Samoa

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An uninterrupted high-speed data connection between the NOAA station at Pago Pago and the primary Pacific NWS centre on Ford Island in Honolulu is essential for NOAA to update forecast models and issue safety warnings in near real-time.
A Samoan speaking crew serviced the flight, including employees who have worked on Hawaiian Airlines' Pago Pago route since its launch.
Hawaiian Airlines is also giving back to the American Samoa community in celebration of its Pago Pago route's 30[sup.
Tago used to fish with his dad growing up in Pago Pago on the remote South Pacific island of American Samoa.
GRM could have avoided the suit and the cost of defending itself had it exercised diligence in learning about the assets and liabilities of the insurer situated in Pago Pago, American Samoa.
Maugham combines Schomberg's hotel in Surabaya and Heyst's island refuge in the half-caste Horn's seedy hotel in Pago Pago.
Next year's 110-night world cruise for the 661-passenger ship Saga Ruby will call at such outof-the way ports as Salalah - the perfume city of Arabia - and Pago Pago - the south Pacific island that's so good they named it twice.
If you wanted to travel from Saipan to Pago Pago, in which direction should you travel?
Tsunami waves were observed in some areas, including Pago Pago in American Samoa and Apia, Samoa, after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a warning for a wide area of the southern Pacific.
Alice, who works for the American Samoa Government's Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, said she was preparing to leave for work in Pago Pago when the earthquake struck.
Director of American Samoa's homeland security Mike Sala said the waves that hit Pago Pago village were about 6 meters high.
Shortly after local radio tsunami warnings were issued in American and Western Samoa, waves started crashing into the capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago, and villages and resorts on the southern coasts of the tiny island nations, witnesses said.
A series of four waves hit Pago Pago, swamping the harbor side business center and temporarily closing the airport.
whose spelling is tautological--are of two kinds: terms such as froufrou and Pago Pago, which were fashioned from two or more identical subunits, and terms such as hotshots and valval, which were not.
YouAEre too young to remember, but twenty-some years ago, aboard a flight to Rawalpindi, I took over the controls of a 747 whose crew was incapacitated by bad sushi and yours truly landed the craft at Pago Pago despite no pilot training and poor sense of spatial relationships and I swam through shark-infested waters with a rope in my teeth that enabled a tug to tow the plane past the reef and into safe harbour.