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a city in Veneto

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The serving woman worked for Nicolo Aurelio, a secretary of the Council of Ten, who in 1514 had married the daughter of a Paduan rebel executed in 1509; at the time of the marriage her uncle too was executed as a rebel.
17) The attractive rendition of countryside detail evokes the style of the Paduan artist Domenico Campagnola (ca.
This concern for those who are left behind after a death, namely, the grieving family and friends, is also the focus of Naama Cohen-Hanegbis case study of a consilium, or medical consultation, by a fifteenth-century Paduan physician.
In this essay, I intend to provide evidence for the hypothesis that one of these written sources is the character of Ruzante, created and played on the stage by the Paduan Angelo Beolco.
This paper argues that the Paduan reading of Hobbes relies on an overly narrow understanding of Zabarella's method and tends to identify his scientific method with one small component, the regressus.
A trip to Veneto is the chance to indulge in the food and drink of a region that produces Prosecco and Paduan ham, radiccio and risotto to die for.
Agradecemos a professora Cristina Pereira Gaglianone e aos nutricionistas Diogo Thimoteo da Cunha e Daniel Paduan Joaquim por todo o envolvimento e apoio que favoreceram a realizacao da OPEAS.
2), I have introduced the striped dress of the Mass of Bolsena and Titian's Paduan frescos, some persons have arabesques on their tights and gold wings on their hats.
Their authors, such as for example, the Paduan historian Arrigo Caterino Davila, the English Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, who was a confidant of Charles I, and the Portuguese Francisco Manuel de Melo, who went along with the troops of the Spanish monarch Philip IV to suffocate the Catalan uprising in 1640, were privileged witnesses of deeds they recounted.
His panels for the Servite church were the Paduan sculptor's first major public commission, as Gasparotto has established through a stylistic analysis and as the present essay has demonstrated from an iconological perspective.
He is important for Giovanni, the Paduan setting of his story, and the critical tradition of Italian influences on Hawthorne, leading Carol Bensick to title her book on "Rappaccini's Daughter" La Nouvelle Beatrice: Renaissance and Romance in "Rappaccini's Daughter.
Among the topics are Plato and Aristotle on the vocation of the philosopher, Maimonides and the imagination, Paduan Averroism reconsidered, Maimonides and Spinoza on good and evil, philosophy and religion in Spinoza and Luzzatto, and Harry A.
1445-99), who certainly lacked the magniloquence of his Paduan mentor Mantegna.
The earliest entry (Oxford, Bodleian Library, D'Orville 166) contains a copy of Tibullus, Elegiae, by an unknown Paduan scribe, later corrected by Sanvito.
To be given two stories from Belgium, for instance--one by Dutch-Belgian Peter Terrin and the other by the French-Belgian Toussaint--might show admirable respect for the region's multilingual history and current political differences, but when it comes to actual cultural differences a greater span no doubt divides Northern Italy (home of the single Italian in the book, Paduan Giulio Mozzi) from the Mezzogiorno.