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a city in Veneto

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Beolco put on the stage for the first time the dramatic condition in which the Paduan countryside found itself as the result of war, plague, and famine and, in doing so, he distanced himself from the caricatures and stereotypes of the satira del villano (peasant satire).
The antefatto of Il Parlamento de Ruzante che iera vegnu de campo replicates the demographics of scarcity in the Veneto during the late 1520s: the character "Ruzante" has left the Paduan countryside to join the Venetian wars, during which time his wife Gnua has migrated to the big city, where she has been living on the edge of prostitution.
Urania is dedicated by Bigolina to Bartolomeo Salvatico, a Paduan nobleman and lawyer, with whom the author declares she is in love.
The company's ISDN service is known by the name PASOPATI (short for Paduan Solusi Pelayanan Teknologi Informasi or Integrated Solution to Information Technology Services).
The name of Cesare Ruffato, a poet in "the Paduan vernacular," reached this reader in the United States through ciacere en trentin, a publication of culture in dialect - to be precise, in its section "Amici di casa," edited by Luciano Zannier ((see WLT 73:1, p.
Among the other recent restorations in the palace are the frescoes and paintings of the Sala della Quarantia Civil Vecchia, where Venice's highest appeals court once sat, and the 4-by-10-foot fresco of ``The Coronation of the Virgin'' in the adjacent Sala dell'Armamento, painted between 1365 and 1368 by the Paduan artist Guariento.
In the city of Padua, for example, the rock of shame stood in the middle of the vast Paduan Palace of Justice, where it can still be visited.
A new period in the history of tragoedia is marked by the rediscovery of Seneca's ten plays at the turn of the fourteenth century, though the new knowledge of actual Roman tragedy was at first, as Kelly points out in chapter 5, restricted to Paduan circles, and did not even influence Dante.
E[acute accent]BPI's sale of its stake in Banca Antonveneta to ABN AMRO appears to end a bitter struggle for control of the Paduan bank.
This apparatus criticus leads up to the entry proper, where in the present instance the piece is set within the context of a group of related Paduan bronze perfume burners, and the reasons why the author believes it should be associated with Desiderio are lucidly expounded (it is well worth adding, given how unusual this alas is, that Warren is preternaturally scrupulous when it comes to recording the divergent views of other scholars in the most fair-minded fashion).
The revisions in the 1521 edition were largely linguistic, characterized by a movement away from regional, Paduan koind in favor of Tuscan forms.
But the glittering, daring era that he has traced came to a crashing halt in 1657, scarcely two-thirds of a century after the Paduan students rose up, when the government allowed the Jesuits to return and more sober cultural inquiry ensued.
Further discussion on the use of HF radars for measuring near surface currents is given by Paduan and Rosenfeld (1996) and Graber et al.
In the tailor scene, Petruchio employs apparel to continue his mockery of Paduan society that had begun in the wedding scene, and he further humiliates his spouse.
The phrase additionally hints at the potentially transgressive status gap that so frequently obtained between the player and his character; to impersonate a middle eastern tyrant or even a young woman from a rich Paduan mercantile family, the player of the provincial Corpus Christi stage and the London commercial theater alike had to act "up" in a class as much as a histrionic sense.