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a city in Veneto

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Padua attended the ASEAN Tourism Awards, ASEANTA Awards and Closing Ceremony of the ASEAN Tourism Forum held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 26 January.
Padua and Venice: Transcultural Exchange in the Early Modern Age
Tabontabon, Leyte - The Saint Anthony of Padua Archdiocesan Shrine here will have an additional afternoon Mass starting Saturday to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims coming to this town.
NCCC spokesperson Thea Padua said on Wednesday that the affected mall workers would not be displaced from their jobs, rather they would be reassigned to a different department under the same company.
The NCCC Mall management confirmed the death of one of its employees, Melvin Gaa, a safety officer of the mall who had brought Sample Survey International (SSI) employees to safety last Sunday,' mall Spokesman Thea Padua said.
Introduction: We aimed to determine how renal tumour scoring systems, such as RENAL, PADUA, and Centrality (C)-index, compare to clinical judgement at predicting time required for tumour removal and kidney reconstruction during partial nephrectomy.
ST Anthony of Padua Catholic Primary School, from Mossley Hill, have retained the girls' Liverpool Swimming Championship.
Mozido has named Vince Padua to the company as executive vice president of product and development, the company said.
The two busts form part of the exhibit "Faces: The Many Visages of Human History" at the University of Padua in Italy.
The tour is being organised by the Italian Chambers of Commerce of Padua and Confindustria Padua.
Os organizadores do livro, Antonio de Padua Serafim e Fabiana Saffi, juntamente com mais 29 autores, trazem aspectos historicos da neuropsicologia clinica e forense, caracteristicas da neurociencia forense, nocoes basicas do direito, pericia em saude mental e as estruturas cerebrais envolvidas.
e event will take place every Saturday at the same venue behind St Anthony of Padua Church from then on.
Some 62,000 people fly in and out of Culebra each year, according to Padua.
Stones Speak -- Hebrew Tombstones from Padua, 1529-1862
Father Michael Conaty said bringing the remains of St Anthony of Padua to the church which bears the saint's name was a highlight of his service to the city.