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an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown

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A POTENTIAL minefield for Killie in their bid to retain the Cup proved to be no major problem - apart from the paddyfield of a pitch.
Not skulking in the stems of rice plants in central India, but perched on a sheep fence on Bardsey Island, Wales' third paddyfield warbler was found last week.
Nuneaton had most of the play, but failed to convert their possession into points on a paddyfield of a pitch at Darlington.
THE predatory instincts of Shota Arveladze and a cool finish from Tore Andre Flo earned Rangers three precious points on a Perth paddyfield.
Bardsey Island hosted black redstarts, golden orioles and an icterine warbler, though rarer was a paddyfield warbler ringed on the Dee's Hilbre Island.
Ryan Northmore's inspired save from Chris Freestone denied the Shrews an early kick-start and thereafter, they huffed and puffed to no great purpose on a pitch resembling a paddyfield.
Saturday saw Wales' second paddyfield warbler on Bardsey followed on Sunday by four Richard's pipits and a common rosefinch.
A farcical first half of football played in conditions more suited to rice growing, more than 100 visiting supporters being marched around the pitch by the local constabulary and parked in the same seating area as the home fans and then, as the paddyfield drained and took on the appearance of a near-normal football pitch, the contest was mystifyingly abandoned.
As the north wind came barging in off the sea and stinging rain lashed across the sparse bushes beneath Torness Power Station, I imagine the paddyfield warbler must have wondered what it had done to deserve this.
Hill tribes still live in traditional villages amidst paddyfields and tropical forests.