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Synonyms for unit

Synonyms for unit

a group of people organized for a particular purpose

Synonyms for unit

any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange

an individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole

a single undivided whole

Related Words

a single undivided natural thing occurring in the composition of something else

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Results show that combination is more effective in reducing intensity of nausea of patients while in PACU as compared with Dexamethasone, Metoclopramide and placebo.
Our data show that there is a statistically significant difference in the number of episodes of nausea both in the PACU and within 24 hours of discharge.
Studies on Brazilian products developed by Fernandes, Carneiro & Sakomura (2001) showed that the addition of different whole soybean levels in feeds for pacu juveniles did not induce alterations on production performance and fish survival parameters.
Chito Salazar, a Pacu trustee for the Visayas and president of University of Iloilo.
Jeremy Wade, a British angler, specialises in hunting for pacu, also known as 'The Ball Cutter'.
Patient demographics, operation type anaesthetic duration (induction to transfer PACU), NMB technique, reversal and PACU information were collected on a pro forma data sheet.
Pacu fish are from the Amazon, where they need tough teeth to break open seed and nut shells.
3) A patient's length of stay in the PACU is dependent upon a number of factors, including pre-operative health status, surgical procedure, type of anesthetic and the stability of vital signs.
With the possibility of endangering one's registration in mind, a systematic literature review of patient extubation by PACU nurses was undertaken.
The team consisted of 14 experienced PACU nurses (from 3 PACUs) of various clinical levels, an educator, and a manager.
Condo For Sale w/ fully equipped OR, separate PACU, waiting rm, 2-changing rms, kitchen, 3-bathrooms, & decontamination/sterilization rms.
CRNA Armington signed papers discharging Cynthia from the PACU at 11:29 p.