Pacific Northwest

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a region of the northwestern United States usually including Washington and Oregon and sometimes southwestern British Columbia

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The bank's rationale for expanding into the Pacific Northwest region was primarily customer-driven, according to Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer Mike Huston.
* 1,000-man pipeline camp for Pacific NorthWest LNG approved - April 29, 2016 - Dawson Creek Mirror
The new letter, dated March 15, supports the project and includes two conditions: that Pacific NorthWest report to an environmental performance committee, which will have representation from Lax Kw'alaams Band, and, that that the environmental performance committee provide direction to Pacific NorthWest, which the company must follow.
The goal of the Women's Festival Pacific Northwest is to celebrate women's accomplishments and nurture the dreams of women in an interactive, multi-cultural program that focuses on key areas within their lives.
* The report provides brief overview of Pacific Northwest Biotechnology, LLC including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries
The Pacific Northwest remains, as Susan Kollin writes, "largely undertheo-rized in studies of American literary history" (414).
expansion into the Pacific Northwest and one titan of industry's attempt at establishing a global trade network.
This portable (7x9"), color-illustrated guide profiles 85 bird species native to the Pacific Northwest and birds whose migration patterns bring them through the Pacific Northwest every year.
The COLOREVOLUTION color pallet is a collaboration of Miller Paint and five renowned Pacific Northwest designers.
Pacific Northwest's Best Trips packs in some 33 journeys throughout the Pacific Northwest and is a solid reference for any road traveler who wants itineraries and suggestions linking up some of the best journeys in the region.
"To live in the Pacific Northwest is to " know summer's long low light and winter's long dark nights.
22, 2012): Brandon Richardson, a golf teaching professional at Laurelwood Golf Course, finished with a 5-under 211 for 14th place at the Pacific Northwest PGA Championship in Worley, Idaho, on Thursday.
Jones Lang LaSalle announced that it has merged operations with Pacific Real Estate Partners, Inc., one of the Pacific Northwest's leading real estate services firms.
Biofuel producer Imperium Renewables announced on Tuesday that with the Department if Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) it is developing a new method to make biomass-based drop-in jet fuels.
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