Pachysandra terminalis

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slow-growing Japanese evergreen subshrub having terminal spikes of white flowers

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Tom suggests rubus tricolor, cotoneaster conspicuus, lonicera japonica, vinca major and pachysandra terminalis.
Among plants you might try here are Hosta x tardiana, 'Halcyon'; lady fern; leatherwood fern; Pachysandra terminalis; and Hedera helix, 'Wilson's ivy.'
CT, cost $4.35 each and $10.55 to install 300 Japanese pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis), 2" pot, cost $0.83 each and $0.50 to install 1 Babylon willow (Salix babylonica), 8' ht., B & B, cost $44.70 and $45.00 to install 12 Floribunda roses (Rosa floribunda), 18" ht., BR, cost $6.60 each and $11.63 to install 2 Red oak (Quercus rubra), 6' ht., BR, cost $21.50 each and $23.48 to install NOTE: Profit and overhead allowance: 35 percent of the cost of materials and installation.
Other good cover plants are Pachysandra terminalis, gaultheria, vacinium, and the small-leafed ivies, particularly variegated forms.