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large burrowing rodent of South America and Central America

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We attempted to capture pacas at 11 sites on the margin of the Ubim stream.
We adapted a traditional hunting technique by actively searching with dogs to capture pacas. Two dogs that had been previously trained by local residents to hunt pacas were led by two local assistants along the extension of the plot during four hours in the morning.
However, in this method, the assistants were the only ones responsible for detecting burrows possibly occupied by pacas. After these burrows were identified, nets were adjusted over the escape holes as suggested by Fournier-Chambrillon et al.
Of the 128 pacas, polycystic echinococcosis was present in 15; overall prevalence was 11.7% (95% CI 6.718.6%).
In 14 of the infected pacas, only liver cysts were found; in the other paca, cysts were found in liver and lungs (Figure 1).
The high prevalence of polycystic echinococcosis in pacas in this study is consistent with the paca being a common intermediate host and the possibility that human cultural and dietary habits in the Amazon region might induce a parasite life cycle that involves domestic animals, particularly dogs.
Between 2003 and 2010 there were 452 records of hunting events, with 625 pacas among the animals killed, representing 4,862.74 Kg.
Pacas were hunted especially at night (394 individuals or 63.04% of the killings).
For diurnal intentional events not related to pacas, we did not register significant temporal variations in CPUE in any of the communities studied.
paca en las selvas en galeria del riacho Pilaga, Formosa, por medio del registro fotografico mediante trampas camaras y restos oseos.
paca. Los craneos de paca de ejemplares adultos se reconocen facilmente porque presentan una region cigomatica excepcionalmente modificada por el crecimiento del maxilar y jugal, formando grandes placas laterales que cubren hacia abajo en forma parcial la mandibula (Perez, 1992).
Hunters take advantage of this, due to the ease with which they can capture the pacas under these conditions.
There is no difference in the methods used to hunt pacas and those used to hunt the other fauna of the region.
On 20 October 2006, we were informed that a paca was killed recently in Coatlimax, municipality of Tlanchinol, in northeastern Hidalgo (21[degrees]05'45"N, 098[degrees]40'07"W, 619 m; Fig.
On 22 May 2009, hunters killed a paca at El Mante, a municipality in southeastern Tamaulipas (22[degrees]42'25"N, 099[degrees]01'60"W, 93 m; Fig.