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a soft form of cereal for infants

worthless or oversimplified ideas


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The second looks at cultural contexts for American politics, including religious, sports-oriented, Facebook, and other pablum.
All too often, that's a cop-out way for an editor to fill their column space, and it reads like self-serving pablum.
A more nuanced biography would have recognized the clues in the later newspaper accounts and dug deeper in an attempt to flesh out more fully the truth behind the pablum of the earlier stories.
Here we are as popular critics, speaking to a bigger audience than anyone else in the art world--and to an audience with fewer preconceptions and a greater need for knowledge--and mostly what we give them is pablum.
Despite the level of anger, it was immediately clear that these were not philistines who were arguing for pablum or for a season of "easy listening"--they were engaged theatregoers who desperately wanted to understand what was going on at a theatre they had nurtured for years.
In reality, it was theological pablum, and many clergy recognized it as such.
This recoil from crowd-pleasing pablum continued through the sixties.
I believe there are a lot of people like me who turn on the TV and feel as though they are just getting pablum and that they are really interested in something dynamic and engaging," he explains.
Despite the pablum about an "economic recovery" constantly being spewed by Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama, faith in our economic system continues to decline.
Dollhouse, however, offers up Whedon's first fully articulated argument that the networks and their pablum are both potentially dangerous to the culture at large and a lost opportunity to make art.
Marshmallow chocolate pablum on these shelves; fiber-enriched oat flakes on those.
and found that every cabbie had an opinion, and a remarkably detailed analysis compared to the pablum I was hearing every day on the news.
What better images for sale than a series that starts with the pablum of chaptered novels for first- and second-graders and advances with the same characters through romance novels for teens and young adults?
they danced in the kitchen to Tommy Dorsey, Scotch and Pablum side by