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a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator

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PWR BTTM's second full-length is called Pageant and it comes out this May.
As much as PWR gave aspiring Filipino wrestlers the stage to pursue their dreams through their bootcamps, pushing the product to its finality is an endeavor all people involved truly worked hard for.
The PWR consists of three categories of professional writing standards: 1.
As a leading supplier of PWR nuclear power plant components, MHI will continue to contribute to the safety and stability of electricity supplies by aggressively exploring business opportunities in component and part replacement projects at existing nuclear power plants in Japan and other countries.
We're very excited about the project," he said, adding that PWR has been working on design and development plans for the building and plans to file for building permits in the near future.
However, there was an increase in loan and financing acquisition in fiscal 2012, driven by its PWR scheme as Cagamas continues to promote its Shari'ah-compliant hedging solutions to the Islamic financial institutions.
By providing RSGs and other replacement components, MHI has helped extend the operational life and boost the safety and economic efficiency of existing PWR NPPs both in Japan and abroad.
Most PWR course instructors believe that information literacy instruction is indispensable for a writing course, and they integrate information literacy into their upper division writing courses, as well as the first year course, even without the prompting of the librarians.
A PWR station would not pose such a threat to the environment as Magnox reactors: the extended life of Wylfa until 2007 could pose serious risks.
0] of soils varying in ESP and clay content, (ii) the effect of PWR and leaching with deionised water (DW), on the HC of these sodic soils, and (iii) the interaction between clay content and PWR in determining the H[C.
According to MHI, South Korea has 12 pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plants in operation, and several new PWR plants are planned to be built.
The venture, as initially notified, raised competition concerns on the main market for fuel assemblies in the European Economic Area (EEA), which is the market for fuel assemblies for power plants of the PWR (Pressurised Water Reactor) type.
As part of the project, PWR will install a 200 kilowatt solar system at Edwards Air Force Base in California.
Similar to the EU patent announced last week, the new Chinese patent covers an alternative embodiment of a multi-lobe fuel rod design; an all-metal pressurized water reactor, or PWR, fuel assembly design incorporating multi-lobe fuel rods based on the alternative embodiment; and an all-metal PWR fuel assembly design incorporating multi-lobe fuel rods arranged into a mixed grid pattern, covering the all-metal fuel assembly design after the most recent optimization.