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In addition to accuracy, PVA plots, unlike ROC plots, directly incorporate the effect of prevalence and MCs on test performance.
L X T) / 50 X 100 < 80 (2), and a dynamic modulus of elasticity E' at 100 [degrees] C and 30 Hz of said PVA fiber cord taken out from said belt reinforcing layer satisfies the following relationship:
HARWOOD: PVA analyzes the major business processes from the top down.
The amount of information that can be derived from even a short PVA study is often invaluable.
The well-defined PVA was prepared by CTA-mediated RAFT polymerization of VAc [20] and subsequent alcoholysis.
Mixtures of IN to PVA ratios from 18 % to 38% (reported to 1g of dry PVA [xerogel]) have been obtained.
It is interesting that these microemboli resemble much smaller versions of PVA particles.
Polymer solutions consisting of PVDF, PVA, and DMSO were prepared by blending the two polymers at PVDF/PVA (85/15) under constant mechanical stirring in a three-necked round-bottom flask for 6 h at 90[degreen]C.
TOKYO:3405) (ISIN:JP3269600007) today announces the expansion of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) resin production facility at its European subsidiary Kuraray Europe GmbH (Kuraray's wholly owned subsidiary in Frankfurt, "KEG").
PVA was hydrophobically modified by covalently attaching fatty acid chlorides to the hydroxyl groups as pendant groups.
TM] Bacteriostatic PVA packs are now available from InHealth Technologies.
Hartman joined PVA in August 2003 and has served as Vice President and Treasurer since July 2006.
com/research/78cbh2/global_pva_drugs) has announced the addition of the "Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.
PVA has been developed and utilized in various industrial applications as fibers, films, hydrogels and adhesives for its excellent properties such as water solubility, gas barrier property, mechanical property, and biodegradability (1).
In addition, PVA will participate in the Capital One Southcoast 2010 Energy Conference in New Orleans.