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computer software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent

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Cedrick told Pua that he fell asleep while reading his Filipino book and waiting for his mother to finish selling sampaguita.
Ruiz From (L-R): SIA Station Manager Manila Daniel Ho Mastercard Director, Account Management Christopher Paraiso Mastercard VP, Account Management Judith Dayrit SIA Head of Marketing and PR Aiza Soller-Garcia KrisFlyer Partnerships Manager Wong Qwee Lymm SIA VP Loyalty Marketing Ryan Pua and Mastercard Philippines Country Head Rowell del Fierro From (L-R): EW VP and Head of Consumer Lending Sales VISMIN Josephine Vilma A.
"Pua was a much loved member of the South Pacific Pictures' family for many years and our hearts and thoughts go out to Pua's family at this time.".
'Touch Move,' 'Estrella' and 'Pag-uwi' are also from FEU like 'Pua Iyam' and 'Madison.'
Pua said the LTC raw sugar purchasing system was subsequently abolished and manufacturers purchased their raw sugar supply directly, based on global market raw sugar prices.
The presence of borders was an advancement which is termed betambah bulu ('adding on of feathers for the weaver'), and it was manifested physically on the cloth as an elevated status marker both for the cloth and its weaver; borders are made up of plain colored vertical strips of selvedges called ara (a metaphor for feathers) and decorated anak pua' (an inner vertical strip filled with patterns made by the supplementary weft method).
According to Pua and the current ruling-party member, Hasan did not inform the parliamentary committee about evidence from a senior central bank official - submitted in an April 6 letter to Hasan- that $1 billion of 1MDB funds were transferred to an offshore company owned by a close associate of the Malaysian premier.
Physical blending of aqueous PU and AP emulsions is an easily handled approach to prepare PUA emulsions.
Therefore, the objective of this research is to investigate the formation of polymer hybrids of the two resins cured under different mechanisms and to evaluate properties of the UV curable PUA by alloying with the thermal curable benzoxazine resin.
Illinois-based PUA specialises in professional liability for architects and engineers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 4, 2014-NSM Insurance buys PUA
Both the Public Utilities Authority (PUA), IEC's regulator, and the Israeli government responded to the company's requests for assistance.
ae1/4oeMost guys severely under perform when getting attractive women and so buy into various PUA (Pick up artist) gurus.
Aguijones: a veces ausentes, cuando presentes escasos o abundantes en la superficie adaxial, abaxial o en ambas, largos (base al menos dos veces mas larga que un estoma), medianos (base tan larga como alta, casi del mismo tamano que un estoma), pua a veces ausente, cuando presente corta (mas corta que la base) o larga (mas larga que la base).