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computer software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent

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The preparation of PUA emulsions was carried out according to the procedure shown in Fig.
The weight ratio of PU/PA was kept at 60:40 for the preparation of all the PUA hybrid emulsions.
Figure 2b exhibits FTIR spectrum of PUA after UV curing.
In summary, the curing of benzoxazine and urethane resins in our work can be achieved by sequential cure method consisting of (i) UV cure for PUA network formation and followed by (ii) thermal cure for polymerization of the benzoxazine fraction.
En la porcion mas septentrional de los Andes en Venezuela, se representa la presencia de PUA en las muestras de Las Locas (4%).
La presencia de PUA en Colombia es muy baja, si se tiene en cuenta que al menos 700 individuos de los diferentes periodos han sido examinados por el autor en diferentes lugares del pais.
By age 65, the net cash value on the policy with the PUA rider is $50,000 more than on the base policy (as long as prior loans are repaid).
Although the guaranteed death benefit is initially generally smaller when a PUA rider is added to a policy, by year 25, it exceeds the guaranteed death benefit of the base policy.
When the PUA coating was exposed to UV radiation (light intensity of 100 mW [cm.
The PUA Simulation Game is currently being crowdfunded at http://puasim.
The PUA will conduct at least 6 tender rounds in which solar developers can compete for PV projects, at predetermined times.
840Km between PUA to DVD stations SW-4) TBR - Through Ballast Recoupment for a total length of 15.
We are honored to partner with the PUA in shedding light on PE and helping Filipino couples enjoy a healthy, fulfilling relationship," said Ninia Torres, A.
Como puas se utilizaron porciones caulinares apicales, medias y basales tomadas de arboles adultos y como portainjertos plantas juveniles de dos anos.