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a device that transfers power from an engine (as in a tractor or other motor vehicle) to another piece of equipment (as to a pump or jackhammer)

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657, 681 (2001) ("Every new technology presents the PTO with the challenges of creating a sufficient prior art database and channeling the expertise necessary to evaluate the prior art.
Ford's pioneering Live-Drive PTO allows commercial customers to power industrial equipment and accessories such as snowplows, generators and hydraulic units with the truck in motion
The mission of the PTO is to enhance the education of children by promoting the connection between home, school, and the community.
For details on bus service adjustments, please call the 1999 Citizen's Hotline or visit the Chinese website of PTO.
Checklist: | Ensure PTO guards/shields and restraining chains are in place.
Together with the shares acquired in the PTO, Fortum has, as of 25 June 2018, acquired 47.35% of Uniper shares.
Tow-behind tillers were designed for people who need a powerful tiller but perhaps don't have a tractor with a PTO, or those who need to use a tiller in tight, tough-to-get-at places, such as food plots that are off the beaten path.
The PTO will not register a trademark for cannabis goods or services, because in order to federally register a mark, the mark must be in use (or intended to be used) in commerce and the PTO and courts always have interpreted this to mean lawful use in commerce," explained Gentner.
On Lawson's appeal from the contempt order, the Federal Circuit panel unanimously vacated the injunction prospectively because the PTO had invalidated the patent claim on which the injunction was based.
Beyond holidays, the second category includes days referred to as "paid time off" or PTO, which are chosen by employees.
Eligible local charities include: Greater Waltham ARC, Healthy Waltham, Junior Achievement of Northern New England, Kennedy Middle School PTO, MacArthur Elementary School PTO, Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc., More Than Words,
In its cost-benefit analysis, the PTO overlooks crucial functional considerations, misunderstands basic precepts of patent economics, and resists quantification when quantification is required.
Many employers have paid-time-off (PTO) policies that allow employees to cash in some portion of their PTO when the balance reaches a certain level.
Many employers offer paid-time-off (PTO) policies that allow employees to cash in some portion of their PTO when the balance reaches a certain level.