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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

Words related to ligament

a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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PTL will also have an advisory board that includes former Express-1 CEO, Mike Welch, former COO of PTL, Jim Welch, and former CFO of XPO Logistics, John Welch.
He had been prescribed PTL in the past, and at his last eye examination five months before he had been told that his eyes were normal.
An official of PTL told reporter that, 'now we offering special tours packages during summer season, adding that in addition we arrange day trips to different tourist attractions and provide transport facilities.
The SASG sought court approval to secure the services of former Chief Technical Officer, PTL, Sachith Madushankar Devatantri and technical officer Upeka Madushankar to access the computer system.
Currently, PET with glucose analogue [.sub.18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose ([.sub.18F]-FDG) is the most popular and widely used modality for evaluating tumor metabolism, and PTL usually displays increased [.sup.18]F-FDG uptake (14).
"Our findings indicate that fetal inflammation and rejection of maternal antigens can contribute to the signaling cascade that promotes uterine contractility and that aberrant fetal immune responses should be considered in the pathogenesis of PTL," the authors write.
Hydrolysis treatment using ultrasound only provided for the commercial samples which were already hydrolyzed (PEP and PTL) and partially hydrolyzed (GEL and ROU) higher values of antioxidant activity.
PTL account for a small number of all thyroid malignancies, between 2 and 5% of all cases [1, 11].
Voodoo's PTL tags are wireless and powered by two AA batteries, which eliminates the need to run power to the tags.
La DL vario de 123 a 727 d, mientras que PTL presento valores entre 543 y 7926 kg.
Such a monitoring should be directed to prevent emergency switching of power transmission lines (PTL) as well as to recover as soon as possible their working capacity if such a switching takes place.
In consideration for the assets, PTL and SSS amended and restated the existing supply agreement between the parties and entered into a new sand purchase option agreement that provide PTL with a market-based discount on sand purchased from SSS.
(2-4) We present a case of primary testicular lymphoma (PTL) involving the tunica albuginea with rupture and abdominal skin.
It operates according to the power-to-liquid (PtL) principle and uses green power to produce a liquid fuel.