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a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boat

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In the process of moving the equipment, the PT boat came about beam to shore.
The next morning we heard the arrival of the PT boat we had expected the day before.
That's when the Oregon PT boat veterans began to resurrect this PT boat from the ravages of time and neglect, 60 years after the war's end.
We're like a PT boat, where everybody else is a battleship.
I recently watched "They Were Expendable," John Ford's film about an American PT boat fleet during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines.
Thurlow and Kennedy steal a PT boat from supply officer Richard M.
John F Kennedy, US President from 1961 until his assassination two years later, had been a Navy lieutenant serving in the Pacific when his PT boat was sunk.
If Clinton is found on a PT boat, one can be sure that it is securely docked.
As a columnist examining the editorial page, I stand on a PT boat that buzzes around in the shadows of an aircraft carrier.
Each minesweeper and submarine chaser contained enough timber to build 10 average houses, while the famous PT boat - constructed of spruce keels, mahogany planking and plywood hulls - used 28,000 board feet of wood.
Originally broadcast by ABC for four seasons, from 1962 to 1966, this was another, albeit minor, Catch-22 sequel--another turn of the pop-culture dialectic by which, as sitcom-ologist David Marc wrote, World War II became "a bloodless, painless, deathless, male-bonding romp," as if the cast of the film Guadalcanal Diary had spent "the war waterskiing behind its PT boat.
They're going to trim down to a PT boat again instead of an aircraft carrier.
Pontin has a Bachelor's degree from Carroll School of Management at Boston College and served as a PT Boat Commander in the Royal Swedish Navy.
PT boat squadron in the Philippines as a radar man.
Kennedy's war-time experiences, during which he captained a PT boat that was sunk by a Japanese destroyer, leaving Kennedy and the other survivors stranded on an island before being rescued by the U.