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In curettage specimen, exaggerated placental site reaction may pose a diagnostic challenge because of shared histologic features with PSTT, including infiltrative pattern, alarming cytologic atypia, and vascular invasion by implantation site intermediate trophoblasts (Figure 4).
Further significant issue in our patient was an early proliferation of PSTT within 3 months after abortion.
Invasive mole, choriocarcinoma, and PSTT are seen on grey-scale ultrasound as nonspecific focal masses (Figures 3(a)-3(f)) with myometrial epicenter and are sonographically indistinguishable from one another.
Both ETT and PSTT are positive for HLA-G, CD10, and hCG, and negative for CK5/6, unlike squamous cell carcinoma, which shows an opposite pattern.
Twenty-one cases of gestational trophoblastic diseases (10 early complete moles, 3 PSTTs, 4 invasive moles, and 4 choriocarcinomas) were retrieved from the files of the Department of Pathology, Asan Medical Center (Seoul, Korea).