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In this paper, the conductivity of PEDOT: PSS solutions was improved through adding the inorganic solution, dilute sulfuric acid.
The SIGMA D-Sorbitol (98%) doped the Clevios PH 500 PEDOT: PSS was used as the solution for preparation of thin films by the spin-coating method.
"PSS is the most interesting idea to emerge in the environmental arena in 15 years," says Reid Lifset, associate director of the Industrial Environmental Management Program at Yale University.
PSS begins with the assumption that purchasing products can be wasteful and unnecessary, then gives the notion a positive spin by emphasizing the value of services over the burdens of ownership.
Subsequently, Goshow Architects designed the PSS GrandParent Family Apartments as a series of several smaller buildings appropriate to the scale of the surrounding neighborhood.
In addition to 5,079 s/f of retail space on the first floor, the PSS Grandparent Family Apartments contain a variety of special spaces including: a community center, counseling offices, a child care facility, a "smart" resource center and library, food service facilities, an outdoor recreation area, and a roof garden to be planted this spring.
The bankruptcy court determined that PSS, rather than the leasing firm, had actual control over the payment of wages to the guards.
The reason PSS's arrangement with the leasing firm did not qualify for section 3401(d)(1) protection is that PSS did not divorce itself from the calculation and payment of wages to the guards--as it should have.