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photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

the drawings and photographs in the layout of a book

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Tariceanu, a former prime minister himself, said the PSD had performed poorly in government and failed to take the necessary steps to restructure the cabinet.
PSD on April 24 informed that Datuk Zamri Man's tenure as Mayor of Ipoh was shortened to February 17 this year based on medical grounds.
The diagnosis of PSD was made by clinical and laboratory findings and culture positivity and/or ruling out BSD and TSD.
He said the move was part of Binay's continuing program to 'professionalize' the PSD, adding: 'With the revitalization of the PSD, a new look would help showcase this.'
She is communicative and has good relations with the (European) Commission," PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said after a party meeting in Bucharest.
middle aged patients) with married patients (64.8%) being more predisposed to develop various forms of PSD .These states that married patients are suffered much from PSD and middle adulthood is the common age group.
"We very much look forward to building upon our partnership and further developing the business footprint within the Middle East," said Philippe Mergaux, VP global development of PSD. "Teaming up with an industry leader like Franchise Arabia will greatly expedite our plans for regional growth within the MENA markets."
The PSD and its junior coalition partner Alde are expected to nominate a replacement for Grindeanu later in the week.
"We translate PSD designs into code so that it becomes appealing, feature-rich and easily viewable on the internet.
Pin1, Phosphorylated Tau, Oligomers of A[beta], and Glutamate Receptor Coincidently Exist in Detergent-Resistant Dendritic Rafts and PSD Fractions.
Beta-hemolytic streptococci (BHS) are the most common causative agents of perianal streptococcal dermatitis (PSD).
About one third of all patients recovering from stroke will experience some degree of poststroke depression (PSD).
Positional skull deformity (PSD) is a common problem of infancy.
This review aimed to gather information on available epidemiological, pathophysiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of post-stroke depression (PSD), their impacts in patient's recovery and, when possible, to contextualize them to the Brazilian scenario.