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to move or force, especially in an effort to get something open

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make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry


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According to data furnished by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC), PRIT had investment returns of -29.
6 percent in 2009, even though a majority of its assets were invested with PRIT.
Earlier, PRIT Service and Shermco Industries have organized projects for a number of electrical utilities, mid-stream pipelines, and refineries.
Rod Hageman, President and CEO of PRIT Service said: PRIT Service is a natural fit for Shermco Industries and complements our vision of providing our customers with exceptional service in electrical engineering, testing and maintenance.
The other concern is that some board members feel that (the governor) might borrow against PRIT to bail out the state," Mr.
Yesterday's vote came after a 45-minute presentation about PRIT by Michael Reardon, senior client service officer for the Public Retirement Investment Management board, which runs PRIT with 24 in-house investment professionals, three consultants and a slew of private fund managers.
Unlike some other systems that have gone with PRIT, Mr.
Dubois, the chairman, said such a decision would wait until the board was able to question the PRIM board about such matters as whether if they opted voluntarily to join PRIT, the local board could pull out at a later date, and what management fees the state would charge.
Individual investors and PRIT were not the only ones who have topped the Worcester regional fund.
Many of the state's most successful local funds, including those of Concord, Framingham and Lowell, have voluntarily chosen to invest the bulk of their money with the PRIT Core Fund.
Donoghue on a paid leave that is apt to last all summer, the Worcester Regional Retirement Board is giving serious thought to joining forces for fund management with the highly successful PRIT fund.
The other large communities that have opted for PRIT are Springfield, Lowell and Framingham.
The governor's proposal, now in legislative committee, would require seriously underperforming municipal, county and other independent public pension funds to transfer their assets to the PRIT fund.
The 15 participants who took part in this year's charity photo shoot are Angela Aak, Artur Rassmann, Mari-Leen Kaselan, Anna-Maria Galojan, Anna and Natalja Ulanova, Max Kaur, Fred Born, Mikk Nurga, Kerttu Rakke, Lauri Pedaja, Liss Lass, Rolf Roosalu, Leemet Prits and Vaido Neigaus.
The most recent SATSA s results for priTs results for priT -mary schools show a year-on-year improvement and our GCSE results for secondary schools are above both the regional and national average.