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a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

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Shahnaz Hamid urged the government and private sector to join hands with PRC Sindh for the cause of service to humanity.
Initial Registrants are advised to proceed to the Ground Floor, PICC Complex, Vicente Sotto Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila," PRC said.
The PRC also set up 13 welfare desks and provided psychosocial support to 169 individuals.
He urged the PRC volunteers to come up and join hands with the organization so that a qualitative service delivery could be ensured at gross root levels.
To cater to more clients, nine additional PRC service centers are expected to be operational before the year ends.
The PRC is able to act quickly to resolve issues--a key benefit for both physicians and the hospital.
The PRC, as a signatory to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, had to respond to inquiries from the United Nations Committee for the Rights of the Child about the where-abouts of the boy; the PRC responded, "He has been put under the protection of the Government at the request of his parents," adding that the "protection" was necessary to safeguard the boy from being kidnapped by the Dalai's supporters.
PRC officials did not return telephone calls Monday.
Although right after its establishment in 1949, the PRC leaned to "the Soviet Big Brother" to resist "US imperialism," Beijing's leaders soon realized that the Soviet Union had become a threat to its national security.
Sardar Mohammad Yaseen Malik appreciated the efforts of PRC in social sector.
Its objective is to boost the community volunteerism on successful infusion of spirit of selfless service to needy people without discrimination of class, color or creed through youth and volunteers affiliated to PRC programs.
Our people from Red Cross are working 24/7 to ensure the well-being and safety of the people in evacuation centers and transport terminals," the PRC chairman said.
The provincial government cited Gordon and the PRC for being among the first to provide humanitarian assistance when the armed conflict broke out.
Antonio Trillanes IV, who filed a plunder complaint against Gordon for allegedly diverting P193 million in pork-barrel funds to PRC in a conflict-of-interest case.
The inaugural stone of newly constructed building of PRC district branch