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a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma

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During follow up, the patient received a total of 44 units of PRBC for refractory low Hgb level.
In all the treatments can see the compounds inside the PRBCs and this was indicated with the arrows.
Only five recent recipients received irradiated PRBCs, while the others were transfused with nonirradiated blood products.
He was prescribed calcium and folate suppliments with a high protein diet and further two units of PRBCs transfusions over the next 7 days.
The fact that patient was hemodynamically stable after 2 U of PRBCs favored conservative medical management, rather than hysterectomy.
Approximately one hour after a transfusion of PRBCs was started, the patient was found to have altered mental status.
MTP workflow job aid, two units of liquid plasma, and two units of PRBCs
Recommend the use of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) of all ages, because the storage time of the PRBCs does not affect outcomes.
Peripartum features include requirement for massive transfusion, number of packed red blood cells (PRBCs), and fresh frozen plasmas (FFP) used during and after surgery.
The numbers of patients who required nonstudy blood products, including packed red blood cells (PRBCs), and nonstudy plasma were comparable between the two groups.
The United States Food and Drug Administration allows storage of PRBCs for up to 42 days; however, it is well established that stored red cells undergo substantial biochemical and morphological changes during this period.
She was transfused two units of packed red blood cells (pRBCs) with an appropriate rise in hemoglobin to 8.4 g/dL.
Presently, banked packed red blood cells (PRBCs) preserved in storage media are assigned for preparing the CPB circuit in infants and children to maintain the temperature-appropriate hematocrit levels, to prevent the hemodilution, and adequate tissue oxygen delivery.
Standard blood products used in this program include Group O packed red blood cells (pRBCs) and group A thawed FFP.
She was admitted and stabilized after 3 days, 2 units PRBCs, an upper and lower endoscopy finding bleeds in both areas.