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someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)

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Therefore, the PR man is the most sought-after and most misunderstood person in the organization.
I sent a text to Michael, Bin Abdullah's PR man, who sent the reassuring reply 'We will be there in 5.
He's lost his long-time PR man and friend Max Clifford after he was found guilty of sexual assault on underage girls.
The 71-year-old PR man has now become the first person to be convicted under the Operation Yewtree, the BBC reported.
Often this series is more interesting for what it reveals about the contributors themselves, rather than their long-dead relatives, and that's certainly the case tonight as we watch the Countdown host and Lord Sugar's henchman driving a tractor at his country home and marvel at photos of him as a groovy young PR man in the 1960s with a magnificent head of dark curls.
He was definitely a far better PR man than jump jockey, and although he was capable of ruffling more than a few feathers, I wish Hoody all the best in whatever career move he makes.
According to Camaro PR man Adam Denison, the automaker has rectified the problem with the vehicle's manual transmission.
SIR - Tory leader David Cameron's claim that we live in a broken society, a phrase that any PR man would be proud of, is as empty and meaningless as his daily bike ride, sorry, Eco stunt, to parliament.
Jason Bateman and Charlize who, respectively, play a PR man desperately trying to rebrand the hero and Hancock's long-lost girlfriend, were both on hand to tubthump at the Vue West End, Leicester Square.
Midlands television presenter and PR man Bob Warman has been appointed chairman of TBL Marketing.
Satan was "a great PR man, a great salesman of new hardware and software, a great electric engineer, and a great master of the media," he observed.
She's probably the most talented person I've ever seen in that role,'' said Colletti, a former PR man himself.
Local PR man Mitch Poole has recently taken the plunge and set up on his own as the appropriately named Poole PR.
And in this fabulous exposA of the surgeon-general of spin doctoring the reader can see just how far the committed PR man will go.
People try to fudge a bit about their goals to create a patina of good-guyness," PR man Hal Dash admitted in a New York Times interview.