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gossip spread by spoken communication

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The PR buzz factor; how using public relations can boost your business.
The PR Buzz Factor: How Using Public Relations Can Boost Your Business by Russel Lawson (Head of Public Affairs for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales) is an superbly written, organized and presented instructional guide to effective communication for greater results in sales and representation.
Finally, a shameless plug, my first book, titled The PR Buzz Factor, has just been published.
Mr Lawson is the Federation of Small Businesses' head of public affairs for Wales and his book The PR Buzz Factor is available from bookshops or www.
Exclusive, cosmopolitan and aspirational"' are the PR buzz words and Kate Moss would be the ideal celebrity to been snapped shopping in the mall.
The winners in this space will need to build solid brands and engender the kind of excitement, loyalty and equity that Napster and Kazaa built in the peer-to-peer file sharing world, and marketing and PR buzz similar to that currently enjoyed by iTunes.